23 February 2008

Hello. Here's a naked lawyer for you.

Okay. she's not a lawyer.. and she's not naked. but she's almost!

Such Great Heights

29 April 2007

5 Rangers...
stress relief! don't study too hard guys...



02 April 2007

HK! :)


20 March 2007

Xian xian xian xian XIAN!!!

I need time off from school... Even slacking in school ain't no fun no more!!! :(


And I don't want the world to see me,
Coz I don't think that they'd understand...
When everything's meant to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am...

19 March 2007

i only want to be your friend
你心中只是just a friend

陶喆 - 普通朋友

14 March 2007

i haven't posted in blogger for so long that the interface looks different to me now.
thanks to cleavageman j and his wonderful act of keying his gmail account to nakedlawyers, this blog is officially on the way to the cemetery.

but no this cannot happen! if nakedlawyers dies
a whole generation of blogposts recording the groundbreaking experience of law students struggling to get through uni will vanish into thin air!

ok, and having crim essays, memorials, and moots all in a bundle of fun is really not amusing.


01 March 2007


For the times you need to just scream an F word.


such great heights.

oh. i changed the template. rejoice.

08 February 2007

White night

He would give her rosebuds,
Smiling Romeo and Juliet under snow white
Yet her nosestud,
Cold, scratched their Eskimo kisses


03 February 2007

love's a bitch.

and tears don't run dry, no matter what they say.

- barney

30 January 2007

future tensed

she was quite sure that they would meet
once again, somehow, on a distant street
and she would grin well i always knew
and he would smile why i felt it too.

-club emo